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Dear Shirani,

I always seem to be thanking you. And why wouldn't it be so after another wonderful evening spent at our favourite restaurant in Gippsland. I had to cut and paste some comments I've received from folk who were there and share them with you........

"WOW!! What a great night. It just felt like going to a favourite auntie's.
Shirani makes everyone feel so welcome - we so loved it - such a sociable way to share food.
Thanks for the link - we've just finished watching it and isn't she just so proud of her 'Gippsland' area.
She is so sweet you just want to hug her all night long. Thanks for organising this....would never miss a meal at Shirani's :) she's worth her weight in curry."

"Thanks for organising last night it was great, we think that CCH @ Woolamai is a special place, we love it !"

"Yes, it was a really lovely evening, great to taste some food I've never tried before, made with such love and attention. Shirani is such a fantastic person, its heart-warming to hear her speak so enthusiastically about her garden and cooking and its wonderful that its all taking off and she's becoming a celebrity (sort of)!"

"What a lovely night! Yummy food in friendly atmosphere with lovely host and great company."

"Shirani, when we got home, we went on the Channel 31 website and watched Vasilli's Garden and saw your feature.
We sent everyone the link and they have all watched it as well. I know they are also forwarding the link on to other friends and isn't the internet fantastic in this way.
I don't quite know how we are going to outdo ourselves with the next visit and menu. One of my friends said that she thought the last meal couldn't be outdone but it was. I think the secret is to just introduce something else that is new to everyone's taste buds. We will talk!"

"Thanks you so much for everything and for giving us another memorable evening. It was simply the best. If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you and all of yours the very best of times. If you don't, have a wonderful few days off for rest and leisure. I will be in touch soon as my brother and sister will be down during January and I'd like them to discover Claypot for themselves."

All the best and fondest regards always.....



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